House on Wheels

A little bit about our new place!
By the way, campers nowadays are amazing!
The RV we bought is way nicer than the house we were renting, and the house was only built in 2011. I never thought it was possible to have recessed lighting and a fireplace (electric of course) inside of a camper!

We have a Volante 365MD, and this is our floorplan.


With a 5 year old and 4 month old, space is a top priority! We were looking at campers with bunkhouses in the very back, the living space in the center, and then our bedroom at the front of the camper. So when we went inside of this one, I fell in love! The best part, is Gavin has his own room (WITH A DOOR PRAISE JESUS), and there’s even space to play in the living room if he wanted to. Everything we needed AND more. So we have Gavin’s room, our room, and then our sweet Finn sleeps inside of our closet at the very front of the camper. His little Chicco bassinet fits perfectly inside of there! Let me just say that the very first night we slept in the camper (at 2 1/2 months old) HE SLEPT ALL NIGHT and has CONTINUED to do so every night! Sooooooo I don’t know if it’s magic or just pure luck, but I’m not complaining!
So in this camper you can comfortably sleep 10 people in my opinion. The couch folds out to a queen, the kitchen table will collapse down and sleep 2. In the bunkroom (Gavin’s room) there are 2 double bunkbeds, and 2 can comfortably sleep on each bed. Personally, I would want the top bunk just in case the bed decided not to hold all the weight on top. But hey, that’s me! And then of course the master bedroom has a queen bed and will sleep 2.
I’ll post pictures of the bedrooms later, but below are some pictures of our living room and kitchen. I love love LOVE white and bright things, so I like how they used white counter tops in here to make it look more open and inviting. Plus it’s easy to see whenever there are spills and very questionable substances left over from Gavin.

SO. That’s the breakdown of our new house. Throughout the week, I’ll post the rest of the camper and let you guys see what’s working for us! Honestly, that was the only room I could get clean at the time. LOL It’s tough to keep everything clean at once when you have a clingy infant, and a child who doesn’t like too clean up after himself (insert eye roll).

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