Take out Anyone???

It has been such a hectic month! We’ve been trying to get out of our rent house, dealing with T-ball, birthday’s, etc…. And honestly it’s hard to get anything accomplished when you have a clingy 4 month old, and your husband works late (not that I’m complaining). So it’s been a long process, but I’m making time this morning! It’s raining here, and everyone is still sleeping, so mommy has some alone time!

So I think it’s setting in that I have always taken the simple things for granted. Like, a DISHWASHER. (Insert crying face) Guys, I. Hate. Washing. Dishes. HATE IT. That was my chore as a kid, so of course I said I will always have a dishwasher so I wouldn’t have to wash dishes again………yet here we are. Yeah it can be therapeutic every 1 in 50 washes maybe, but I hate it. AND now I have bottles and paci’s and pumping parts  and lots of other things to wash. Sometimes I like to leave them in the sink and put that little sink cover on top and forget they’re even there. 🙂 Then you DO forget about them, and take the cover off 2 days later and it smells like death. If you say you’ve never left dishes in the sink for more than a day, you’re lying!!!

Another thing is my stove. I don’t care to cook, but with this little gas stove, I freak out every time I turn it on. You have to turn the gas on, stick your hand all the way into the oven with a LIGHTER AND LIGHT IT! So dangerous. I seriously feel like I’m going to do something wrong, and blow the whole camper up. It’s awful. So basically for the past month, we’ve been going out to eat, and bringing take out home. ***So if you have any quick easy recipes, feel free to put them in the comments for me!!!*** I’m at the point where I hate going out to eat. Now I’m wishing I wouldn’t of packed up my crock-pot! So I find myself pinterest-ing “Quick and easy dinners” a lot. and then remember that it takes an hour to pack everyone up, get in the car, go to walmart, get what I need, spend an hour there, get what I also don’t need, and then come back home to realize I FORGOT WHAT I WAS GOING FOR. Yeah I know there’s the walmart pickup, but it’s not helpful whenever I need it now. Which brings me to another subject, I am an organized person physically, but mentally it’s a cluster. lol It’s true what they say about kids taking over your brain, and never getting it back! Sad day.

I love my kids, but GEEZ, I feel like I’m loosing it most days……and I probably am, but hey! We’re still alive and kicking. Life is too short people! Do what you want to do while you still can. Enjoy every moment, and love with all your heart!

One thought on “Take out Anyone???

  1. I used to work in a kitchen that had an antique gas stove. The cook never liked to light it and usually would come looking for me. One time I turned the gas on and didn’t light it quick enough. I heard a pop and could smell burnt flesh. It seared the hair on my whole arm.


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